Dura Tray

Fish filter, steak, lamb chop and barbecue.

  • GK3204 萬能煎烤盤 2/3GN
  • Heavy-duty specification: Using 2.5 mm in the thickness aluminum sheet which is 30% thicker than other brands.
  • Increase the absorption of the heat radiation and providing the evenly bottom heat to the object: The surface of GK3104 is specially designed to increase the ability of heat radiation absorption, the tray can be heated up faster than an ordinary aluminum tray.
  • Integral molding design: GK3104 is made by oil pressure stamping, more smooth the shape, and more robust the rigidity and no issue of warpage at high temperature.
  • Surface harden treatment: GK3104 is treated with the hard anodizing process, and this process will harden the tray itself in order to resist the long-cycle scratching by the stainless steel rack of the oven to the backside of the tray.
  •  Commercial grade nonstick property: The life-time and scratch resistance ability to meet the commercial requirement.
  • Widely used for all kinds of food.
Item # GN size Mould Dimensions (mm) Weight Surface Finishing
Length Width Height Thickness
GK3104 1/1GN 530 325 13 2.5 1240g NexFX®3000 and hard anodizing
GK3104S (budget version) 1/1GN 530 325 13 2.5 1240g NexFX®1000
GK3204 2/3GN 354 325 13 2.0 500g NexFX®3000 and hard anodizing
GK3204S (budget version) 2/3GN 354 325 13 2.0 500g NexFX®1000

Suitable for: Fish filter, steak, lamb chop and barbecue.

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